Swiss School of Business and Management

Geneva, Switzerland - 1 Year MBA

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1 - Year

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Why study MBA with SSBM ?

SSBM is a global, innovative and unique school with students from all around the world. Their programs were designed with over 30 industry partners from around the globe and offer top swiss quality education and excellence. Their faculty is world renowned and in average majority of them have worked for over 15 years in various international companies. Atlas Group of Institutions have partnered with Swiss School of Business and Management, Geneva Switzerland (SSBM) to provide Master’s programs to the students in the middle east through OTHM qualifications pathway.

Program Highlights

    • 1 Year Program
    • Tutorial sessions
    • Fast Track Masters
    • Multiple specializations
    • 100% Assignment based
    • Dual award with PG Level 7
    • Globally recognized SWISS degree

Minimum age of 22 years with 4 years
Supervisory Level Work Experience


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