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BTEC – Business and Technology Education Council

BTEC is a work related qualification suitable for a wide range of students. They provide a practical, real-world approach to learning alongside a theoretical background. Pearson Education Limited (Pearson) is the UK’s largest awarding organization, offering academic and vocational qualifications and training to schools, colleges, employers and other domains of learning in UK and internationally.

Pearson Education Limited (Pearson) is the UK’s largest awarding organization, offering academic and vocational qualifications and training to schools, colleges, employers and other domains of learning in UK and internationally.

Our vocational qualifications include Pearson BTEC from Entry level to Higher National Diplomas. BTECs are recognized in more than 80 countries worldwide and in 2011 – 2012, over 2 million learners registered for BTECs and other vocational qualifications, including 650,000 school students taking BTEC Firsts and Nationals. Edexcel was formed in 1996 by the merger of the Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC), (The country’s leading provider of vocational qualifications) and the University of London Examination and Assessment Council (ULEAC) (One of the major exam boards for GCSE and A levels)

Why BTEC is Interesting???

  • We are not limited to books, we make you study the crooks in the industry
  • We don’t take your monthly tests, we help you make weekly assignments
  • We don’t make you write the question & answers, we make you answer the quiz contests
  • We don’t make you study in your classes whole day every day, we make you do field study in weekend time
  • We don’t have teachers to teach, we have mentors to mend your career


  • A practical approach to study
  • No exam pressure
  • Numerous opportunities
  • Inspiring Confidence
  • Rewarding effort
  • Team work
  • Over all development
  • Connect with current affairs

Courses Offered

  • BTEC LEVEL 1 & 2 EXTENDED CERTIFICATE IN BUSINESS (Equivalent to O-Levels and Grade 11)
  • Certificate course in business communication
    Certificate course in introduction to human resource management
    Certificate course in media & production management
    Certificate course in transportation & logistics management
    Certificate course in marketing management
  1. BTEC LEVEL 2 (Diploma in Business – 60 Credits)
  • Four Mandatory units – 5 credits each = 20 Credits
  1. Business Purposes (Unit No. 1)
  2. Business Organizations (Unit No. 2)
  3. Financial Forecasting for Business (Unit No. 3)
  4. People in Organization (Unit No. 4)
  • Four Optional units – 10 credits each = 40 Credits
  1. Business Online (Unit No. 5)
  2. Starting a small business (Unit No. 6)
  3. Promoting and Branding in Retail Business (Unit No. 7)
  4. Visual Merchandising and Display Techniques for Retail Business (Unit No. 8)
  • BTEC LEVEL 3 CERTIFICATE IN BUSINESS (Equivalent to A-Levels and Grade 12)
  • Certificate course in digital marketing
    Certificate course in event management
    Certificate course in health and safety management
    Certificate course in retailing
    Certificate course in computer applications for financial management
  1. Extended Diploma in Business – 180 Credits
  • Four Mandatory units – 10 credits each = 40 Credits
  1. The Business Environment (Unit No. 1)
  2. Business Resources (Unit No. 2)
  3. Introduction to Marketing (Unit No. 3)
  4. Business Communication (Unit No.4)
  • Fourteen Optional units – 10 credits each = 140 Credits
  1. Creative Product Promotion (Unit No. 5)
  2. Relationship Marketing (Unit No. 6)
  3. Internet Marketing in Business (Unit No. 7)
  4. Understanding Retailing (Unit No. 8)
  5. Visual Merchandising in Retail (Unit No. 9)
  6. Fashion Retailing (Unit No. 10)
  7. Food Retailing (Unit No. 11)
  8. Transport Planning (Unit No. 12)
  9. Operation Management of Road Transport (Unit No. 13)
  10. Transport System and Environment (Unit No. 14)
  11. Supply Chain Organization (Unit No. 15)
  12. Human Resource Management in Business (Unit No. 16)
  13. Understanding Business Ethics (Unit No. 17)
  14. International Business (Unit No. 18)
  • BTEC LEVEL 4 & 5 HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA (Equivalent to First & Second Year of Graduation)

Total Credits – 240 Credits

Sr No.Units NamesCredits
1Business & Business Environment (M)15
2Marketing Essentials (M)15
3Human Resource Management (M)15
4Management & Operations (M)15
5Management Accounting (M)15
6Managing a Successful Business Project (PS)15
7Innovation and Commercialization (O)15
8Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (O)15
9Research Project (PS)30
10Organizational Behavior (O)15
11Statistics For Management (O)15
12Business IT Systems (O)15
13Consumer Behavior and Insight  (O)15
14International Marketing (O)15
15Brand Management (O)15
 Total Credits240

Atlas Group of Institution’s program for Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership is for 12 Months. Post Completion of this program you can complete your Master’s Degree in next 6 months from any UK University.

Mentioned below is the schedule of the program with Total 10 Units covered with relevant topics and international credits they hold for transferring your studies to any international university or college.

Sr No.UnitsCredits
1Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills10
2Professional Development for Strategic Managers5
3Strategic Change Management10
4Creative and Innovative Management10
5Strategic Marketing Management10
6Strategic Planning15
7Managing Financial Principles and Techniques15
8Strategic Supply Chain Management & Logistics15
9Research Methods for Strategic Managers15
10Project Development and Implementation for Strategic Managers20
 Total Credits125



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